Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jon Moore 20% Project Part II

The 20% project has evolved over the course of this school year. A driving force behind this change is the change in my teaching area for next year; instead of 4 Reading sections and 2 LA sections, I will have 4 LA sections while teaching just 2 smaller Reading Lab classes.

If you were to read my last blog entry, you would see the focus was on increasing the amount of reading students in my class are able to do digitally - using their Nooks, Kindles, iPads and Smartphones to get kids not excited about reading interested in books, and increasing the amount of conversation kids have about books in my classroom.

My goal now is to take that same spirit and apply it to digital writing projects with my LA students next year. All of my students will start their own blog using Edina Apps, evolving from simple daily posts in the beginning to more advanced collaboration and reflection, using RSS feeds for news & info gathering, embedding photos and videos, and linking to important/influential research and articles.

A larger end goal is with the PBL developed for this class: students will conduct research and develop and publish a persuasive essay (of some form) to help solve a problem in today's world, whether it be local, national, global, cultural, societal, environmental, etc. This will lead to the 2nd part of every students' digital writing project...

For their final persuasive 'essay,' students can have their work be in the form of:

-writing (to be published old-school and online)
-Photostory and/or Smilebox production - especially if photography is key to their research/issue
-video production
-other approved and/or appropriate forums...the form chosen may well depend on who the final intended audience happens to be!

I am excited and nervous for both the implementation of the 20% project and how it will eventually tie in to the PBL.

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